Bulgarian National Television – Christmas & New Year amazing TV-program from 20th Dec’21 till 07th Jan’22 !

Bulgarian National Television with the channels BNT 1, BNT 2, BNT 3 (HD) and BNT 4 (World) is always a very good TV-choice !

But especially for Christmas & New Years for 3 weeks holiday’s period from 20th Dec’21 till 07th Jan’22 BNT will amuse the whole family with all kind of movies, talk-shows, music and other entertainment !

The program “Novogodishna shtruklica” (20:35-22:21) on December 31st, 2020 has been witched by 41% of the Bulgarian TV viewers over 4 y.o.
Exactly at midnight more than half of Bulgarians celebrated the New Year with BNT1. According the data of Garb Audience Measument Bulgaria, the Rating of BNT1 was over 20% and the audience share – 54%.
On December 31st, 2020, in the time zone – 20:30h -00:30h, BNT1 was the most watched TV channel with a share of the audience over twice as high as the other two channels.

Enjoy the holiday’s TV-suggestions in the channels of BNT !

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