Piero 97 is a Bulgarian media agency established in 1997 in Sofia. Since then it is acknowledged as the leading media agency on the Bulgarian ad market as it manages the biggest ad budgets in all significant national and local media and offers a wide range of media services. Efficient media mix and ultimate media buying volumes in main Bulgarian media are the core of our business model. The company has been developing persistently due to the expertise, loyalty, proffesional skills and enthusiasm of its team.

Research, Analyse and Perform

Diving into the research data to find subtle shades of media performance and audience behaviour, and evaluating that over different pricing levels in several media, leads to cost-effective advertising performance. Consistently, more than 19 years we are buying, researching and analysing all available media data on the Bulgarian market, following the trends and movements in audience and media behaviour.


Net Advertising Volumes Managed Over The Years


Annual Split by Media


The first agency on the Bulgarian market that offered Internet advertising in 2003. Our mobile advertising activities started in 2010.

In 1998 the Agency planned and managed the first international TV campaign on CNN for promoting Bulgaria as a touristic destination.

In 2005 Piero 97 was rated 55th in the “Top 100” Bulgarian companies by the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce.

Member of the Bulgarian Association or Communication Agencies (BACA) since 1998.

Piero97 is considered as the official information source for Bulgarian media market annual data – volumes, budgets, shares, major market players, trends and forecasts.


Advertising Campaigns managed by Piero97, 2009 – 2016



Media agency number one in Bulgaria since 1998.

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