Spring TV programs of NOVA and bTV – reality shows & tv series

NOVA – reality shows
– The 10th season of “Like 2 drops of water” (Като две капки вода) has already started from 14-th February every Monday at 20:00
– ” One for the other” (Един за друг) returns with it’s 3rd season from 17th February at 20:00
– “Hell’s Kitchen Bulgaria” starts cooking the 4th season from 25th February at 21:00

NOVA – tv-series
– The family drama “The lies within us” (Лъжите в нас) will make it`s debut on 22th February from Tuesday till Friday at 20:00
– Bulgarian crimi drama “Brothers” (Братя) also returns from 22-th February from Tuesday till Friday at 22:00

bTV – reality shows
– The new season of “Bulgaria Got Talents” (България търси талант) has already started on 14-th February with exclusive episode and from 20th February will continue every Sunday at 20:00
– “The Bachelor” (Ергенът) makes it`s exclusive debut on 19-th February and continues every Thursday and Friday at 21:00
– “Survivor” starts with the 5-th season from 21th February at 21:00
– “My star party” (Моето звездно парти) will rise up from 26-th February at 18:00

bTV – tv-series
– The contemporary drama “Don’t think about me” (Мен не ме мислете) starts every Thursday and Friday from 24-th February at 20:00
– The new seasons of the Bulgarian sitcoms “Sunny Beach” (Съни Бийч) and “The Daddies” (Татковци) also returns in the end of February

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