The heavy traffic never stops on the HIGHWAYS !

Take advantage of the advertising on Megaboards – the most attractive advertising facilities on the national road network measuring 12 x 5 meters and 8 x 4 meters, located in places with the largest possible better visibility for passing vehicles.

Our attractive advertising conditions for Megabonds along the highways Thakia, Hemus, Struma and other main roads throughout the country are still in force.

Direct Media offers all kind of OUTDOOR ADVETISING positions all over the country, as well as detailed planning of advertising activities by positions, periods, types of visions and formats. We offer billboards and scrollers – 4х3m, megaboards 12х5; 8 х 3, bus shelters of public transport, rooftop advertising, blind walls on facilities и meshes on buildings, advertising in Sofia subway, in the malls in Sofia, Plovdiv, Varna, Burgas and another 26 main towns, highways, national borders, positions at the most popular winter and summer resorts.

For more information and detailed offers contact us at or call: +3592 807 68 00 – Outdoor advertising department.