Media Services

Media Strategies and Budget Split

Media strategy and media mix selection and analysis.

Media Planning

Media planning and optimization by media, budgets, target audience, ratings, CPP’s etc.

Media Buying


All 6 national broadcast TVs, over 40 cable/satellite TV programs all over the country, more than 15 regional TV stations.


Over 80 monthly and weekly magazines, more than 100 daily and weekly, national and regional newspapers.


More than 90 national and regional radio stations and networks.


More than 6 700 outdoor and indoor constructions.


13 online media groups and over 200 independent local and international sites and advertising networks in Bulgaria and worldwide.

The most favourable conditions for buying online advertising in Bulgaria.

Successful collaboration with all big Internet media groups in Bulgaria –, Investor BG, Netinfo, BWeb, Web Ground Group, Net Entertainment Group, Web Media, Darik Web, Sanoma Bliasak, Economedia,, One Click Media,, Webcafe etc.

Over 200 independent Internet media and sites in Bulgaria and around the world: Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Httpool, etc.


40+ Bulgarian mobile sites and a large number of applications.

Monitoring and Campaign Evaluation

Campaign management and control, and post-campaign evaluation.

Detailed Analysis Of The Bulgarian Media Market

By media, budgets, publications, broadcasts, impressions, etc.