Direct Media was established by the end of  2016 and is the inheritor of one of the leading agencies in the Bulgarian advertising market – PIERO97, which in the period 1997 – 2016 manages the largest Ad budgets in Bulgaria , for various types of media – television, press, radio, internet, outdoor advertising, cinema and offers a wide range of media and consulting services.

Strategic media planning,
Selection of the most efficient media mix, media strategies development and optimization.

Media planning and buying optimization by media, budgets, target audience, ratings, CPP’s etc. Detailed research and analysis of TV campaigns and competitor activities

Campaign management, broadcasting and publications control and monitoring, pre- and post-campaign evaluation. Performance analysis. We use an independent banner monitoring system to track internet campaigns in real time, as well as to analyze the competition by branches at Bulgarian online media.

Detailed analysis of  the Bulgarian Media Market
Specialised media research and analysis of the entire Bulgarian media market.

Media consultancy
Detailed media surveys and  analysis, within the scope of the Bulgarian advertising and media market

Research, Analyze and Perform

Diving into the research data to find the complex shades of media performance and audience behaviour, and evaluating that over the different pricing levels in several media, leads to cost-effective advertising performance.

Consistently we are buying, researching and analysing all available media data on the Bulgarian market, following the trends and movements in audience and media behaviour.


Cross analysis covering TV, online, radio and print.


Analysis by media, advertisers, brands and products, time slots, by campaign, channel, ad formats, etc. Indicators: reach, frequency, ratings (GRP, TRP, CPP…), SOV, SOS, position in break, number of viewers, etc.


Analysis by media, advertisers, campaigns, brands and products. Complete analysis of the national online advertising market. Monitoring of the display advertising by client, media, branch and creative approach. Audience analysis of the Internet users, focused on audience buying.

Monitoring of radio commercials and various radio forms aired in Sofia region. Accurate and detailed reports respecting the advertiser, product category, radio station, day and time of airing.

We offer some of the most favorable and diverse advertising opportunities in all significant Bulgarian media channels.


All 6 national broadcast TVs, over 40 cable/satellite TV programs all over the country, more than 15 regional TV stations.


Over 80 monthly and weekly magazines, more than 100 daily and weekly, national and regional newspapers.


More than 90 national and regional radio stations and networks.


More than 6 900 outdoor and indoor constructions.

Online and mobile

Over 13 Bulgarian online media groups and over 500 independent local and international sites and  networks in Bulgaria and worldwide: Google, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Viber, Spotify.


The three largest cinema companies in Bulgaria with 18 cinemas and more than 160 halls in 8 cities in the country.

Nonstandard communication channels:
EasyPay advertising and more.

The first agency on the Bulgarian market that offered Internet advertising in 2003. Our mobile advertising activities started in 2010.

Piero97 and our trade mark – Bulgarian Media Map” link is considered as the official information source for Bulgarian media market annual data – volumes, budgets, shares, major market players, trends and forecasts.

NET annual turnover and shares by media type, 2022

13,12 mln. BGN